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“This is THE best sandwich spot ever. I go there for lunch at least 3 times per week. I love the bread (baked fresh daily) and all of the fresh ingredients they offer. They have online ordering which is so efficient AND effective. The staff is wound earful to say the least. Highly recommend this place Love it Love it Love it!”  -Blanca B.

“I am a huge, huge fan. Thank goodness the hours of operation will make it tough for me to be a regular or Pocket Deli would soon own my home. This sandwich is ridiculously good. Walked in at noon and the line was out the door. Good sign. They moved the line quickly and I soon had my meatball sandwich and side of chili and dug in. The pocket bread is very fresh and tasty the meatball tasted homemade, and the sauce was on point. The mozzarella was loaded on top and and at the bottom of the sandwich. The sandwich is so big that you don’t need the chili. I highly recommend!”  -Josh N.

“The pocket pita bread sandwich is an excellent alternative to a sub sandwich or other boring fast food options. I had the veggie delight and added bacon (is that wrong?). Lots of good stuff here and will be back next week”   – Josh D.

“It’s all about the bread.  Ike’s has the best sandwich bread I have ever tasted.  My favorite it the chicken salad with lettuce,  onion and tomatoes.   It looks big when you see it, but it is surprising light.  The staff is very friendly and care about the product they produce.  The owner is a real nice guy and very customer focused.  Happy Munching!!!”   – Brian P.

“We love this deli. The staff is very friendly. The location is very clean and modern. We plan to use Ike’s deli for our next employee luncheon.”   – Brandon B.

“Went for lunch to celebrate a coworkers birthday and thought it was really good. The sandwiches are pretty big and the bread was something I’ve never had before. I got the turkey ham cheese sandwich. It’s very simple but it was awesome. My coworker got the chili and the portion was huge. Must try!”  – Nai S.

“Friendly staff and lots of seating. The sandwich was big for a small price and it was so good. The bread is made here on site and it is so soft. 2 thumbs up.”  – Brent H.

“Holy crap are these sandwiches good! A vendor brought a large order to us at our office and they were gone so fast! I never knew this place existed, I still haven’t been to the actual deli, but I will drive all the way out there next time I want a sandwich. The bread alone is worth the trip, and the produce and meat are so fresh! Do yourself a favor and go eat there.”  – Lindsey F.

“This place is the best when it comes to a fresh sandwich. My favorite is the hot pastrami. Simple but delicious. Love the fresh bread they make for the sandwiches and the fresh tomatoes and onions. The tomatoes and onions have a seasoning that makes it even better.”  – Amy K.